We don’t stop at creating content with impact. We also specialize in delivering your story to the right audience on the right platform, whether that’s a documentary featured on the TPT MN channel or a series of shorts aimed at social-media audiences.


We average 3.5 million video views per year

(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube)

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Our weekly email blast reaches 62,000 inboxes

(Average open rate is 25%)

TPT.org sees more than 135,000 visits/month & more than 23,000 video views

We broadcast partner content statewide on TPT’s multiple channels, which reach more than 1 million viewers per month, and on Minnesota’s other 5 PBS affiliate stations

Our magazine hits 96,000 households every month


Targeted at a national audience of aging adults interested in navigating the next stages of life, Next Avenue is a digital content hub that reaches 1.5 million people per month on NextAvenue.org and a social-media fanbase of almost 140,000.

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Aimed at young adults who want to grow, thrive and build a better world, Rewire is a new national digital content hub that reaches 15,000 people per month on Rewire.org and a social-media fanbase of 7,000 and growing.